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Labelling surveys with artificial intelligence (AI)

Companies strive to listen to their customers so that they can continuously improve their products and services. One of the tools to help organize and analyze feedback is survey labeling. And now comes a revolutionary step - labeling with artificial intelligence (AI). This innovative technology allows you to categorize surveys quickly and efficiently without having to go through hundreds of responses manually. AI identifies key topics and assigns the appropriate labels, saving time and improving accuracy. Join us and discover how AI-based tagging can streamline your customer experience!


In the world of customer experience, you will gain a lot of valuable information to grow the company and improve the customer relationship. Monetization can help significantly. Combining NPS methodology and customer financial data puts a very powerful tool in your hands to shape and direct your business. With NPS Monetization, you'll leave the simple arithmetic behind in displaying the results of your customer experience and add a whole new dimension to it. And what's more? Monetization reports make it easier to define your company's plans and goals to increase turnover faster and minimize losses.📈
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Artificial intelligence in InsightSofa: Why measure sentiment?

Measuring sentiment of comments using AI is key to understanding the true attitudes and opinions of customers. This process allows you to identify not only what customers are saying, but also how they feel about your products or services. Sentiment analysis provides deeper insight into customer emotions, which can be positive, negative, or neutral. In this way, you can identify and solve problems more effectively, improve your products and services, and better understand your customers' needs and wants. Plus, by using this analysis you can create more targeted and effective marketing strategies, leading to better customer engagement and strengthening your brand. Try AI in InsightSofa right now. Get back to us.
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InsightSofa Account Experience

The InsightSofa Account Experience focuses on creating deep and lasting relationships with corporate clients. This requires a thorough understanding of the specific needs and expectations of corporate customers. Not just individuals. InsightSofa now comes with two new modules. Account Experience In B2B, it's not primarily about individual employee satisfaction, but about monitoring the overall satisfaction of the company that does business with you. Monitoring satisfaction trends, collecting suggestions for improving cooperation, and overseeing the resolution of all complaints and customer requests. The InsightSofa Account Experience provides all of this information on one very clear page. Internal Account Experience Do you have a branch network? Track satisfaction trends by your branches. Find out which is the strongest and weakest. Where customers want things improved. Including your employees in the branches. Transfer "best-practices" from one to another and dominate the entire market. The InsightSofa Internal Account Experience helps you do this clearly and understandably. #InsightSofa #CustomerExperience #LeadingPlatform
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Introducing the brand new Account Experience

Introducing the all-new Account Experience If you are a B2B company, measuring account experience satisfaction provides a broader view of the overall state of the customer (company) experience. Rather than focusing solely on the views of individual respondents, it takes into account the views and experiences of all of a company's key customers. This gives you a much more accurate picture of how satisfied your customers are, what bothers them, or why they use your services or products. The new Account Experience module also allows you to track trends, alert you to ups and downs in company satisfaction, and assign them to the right people. Harness its power to improve your relationship with your customers and drive sustainable growth. We will launch the new module in beta version in August. We are accepting orders now.
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How to get more positive reviews for your business?

How can you get more positive reviews for your business? As a satisfaction management tool, InsightSofa knows exactly which customers are very satisfied and which are not. Take advantage of this and redirect only the satisfied ones to third-party review sites (Google,, etc.). With InsightSofa's advanced filtering, you can define the exact mix of customers who will be asked to review and then just watch your positive reviews grow. #iloveinsightsofa
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Automate feedback throughout the customer journey

Measuring Customer Experience throughout the customer journey is key. However, the customer does not always make an interaction along the way that could be considered a feedback trigger. With the new and long-awaited InsightSofa feature, you can now set the feedback trigger completely automatically. According to predefined rules, for each customer. With this step, we significantly improve the overall customer satisfaction and give you a new tool to strengthen your customer relationship even more. This feature is now available to all InsightSofa users.
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Much easier system integration with new InsightSofa mapping and field translation

For InsightSofa to work seamlessly, it should interface with one of your current systems. This interconnection often had to be made to measure and often the two systems have completely different field arrangements. With the new mapping and translation of fields, this integration becomes much easier. Simply send us the fields exactly as you have them, and InsightSofa makes it easy to set up the integration and "translate" the fields into understandable values if needed. We look forward to further, easy and fast, integrations. It could be you! Contact us for more information.
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Setting and using goals

Introducing a brand new feature for setting and managing customer experience goals. We all know how important it is to measure customer satisfaction and experience. But how can we measure and evaluate something without having a set goal of where we want to get to. InsightSofa is now the perfect tool to identify, set and closely monitor suitable targets 24/7. Goals can be set for individual employees or groups, but also for specific products or services. And as you're used to with InsightSofa, it leaves nothing to chance. Throughout the monitoring of the goal, it informs you whether you are close to meeting it. And if not, it will show you what to add in due course. Try InsightSofa goals and get your company's growth under control.
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Simplified work with InsightSofa and clearer data

When working in detail with Customer Experience, it can be easy for filtering and data views to become cluttered. In addition, every employee in your organisation needs different data to do their job. Take advantage of the new settings where you can limit how each user group sees the filters and how they can view the data. The goal is a much easier and clearer view for everyone in your company. Find out how InsightSofa can help your organisation too. Contact us to schedule a detailed performance.