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InsightSofa Account Experience

The InsightSofa Account Experience focuses on creating deep and lasting relationships with corporate clients. This requires a thorough understanding of the specific needs and expectations of corporate customers. Not just individuals. InsightSofa now comes with two new modules.

Account Experience

In B2B, it’s not primarily about individual employee satisfaction, but about monitoring the overall satisfaction of the company that does business with you. Monitoring satisfaction trends, collecting suggestions for improving cooperation, and overseeing the resolution of all complaints and customer requests. The InsightSofa Account Experience provides all of this information on one very clear page.

Internal Account Experience

Do you have a branch network? Track satisfaction trends by your branches. Find out which is the strongest and weakest. Where customers want things improved. Including your employees in the branches. Transfer “best-practices” from one to another and dominate the entire market. The InsightSofa Internal Account Experience helps you do this clearly and understandably.

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