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Feedback terminals


The Smartest Feedback Terminal Ever Made

AI Feedback Terminals

We are proud to introduce our most advanced feedback terminals yet. These state-of-the-art devices are equipped with technology to identify the age and gender of respondents. They also feature built-in mechanisms to prevent duplicate ratings, ensuring each rating is unique. Powered by artificial intelligence, these terminals generate insightful reports that can drive both immediate and sustained growth for your organization.

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Key Advantages

Why choose feedback terminals from InsightSofa?

Real-Time Transactional Feedback

Real-Time Transactional Feedback

InsightSofa OneTouch feedback terminals excel by capturing instant transactional feedback, enabling you to receive your customer’s input at the critical moment of purchase or service use. This immediate feedback is essential for quick action and enhancing your customer’s experience on the spot.

Intuitive and Insightful Reporting

Intuitive and Insightful Reporting

InsightSofa OneTouch doesn’t just collect feedback; it turns data into beautifully crafted, easy-to-understand reports. Reports are designed to empower managers to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive growth.

No integration needed

No integration needed

InsightSofa OneTouch terminals offer a plug-and-play solution that requires no software integration, allowing for quick setup and immediate use. This hassle-free approach enables businesses to collect valuable customer feedback right away, without the need for complex installations or IT involvement.

Stable and Durable

Stable and Durable

InsightSofa OneTouch feedback terminals are robust and built from quality materials, ensuring stability and durability. They offer an intuitive user interface and are available in various screen sizes, catering to different needs. Additionally, these terminals are designed for easy mounting and de-mounting, allowing for flexible placement and simple setup in any business environment.



InsightSofa OneTouch feedback terminals streamline management with real-time notifications, ensuring you’re immediately informed of any significant events without needing to check the app. Additionally, they can automatically send periodic reports to your mailbox, keeping you effortlessly updated with the latest customer insights and feedback.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

InsightSofa OneTouch feedback terminals leverage AI throughout the app and terminal to enhance your understanding of customers. This AI analyzes feedback to pinpoint and prioritize issues, offering targeted recommendations for improvement. This integration transforms complex customer data into actionable insights, streamlining the process of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Less Anonymous Than You Think

The InsightSofa OneTouch feedback terminals offer a sophisticated blend of anonymity and advanced AI capabilities, designed to revolutionize customer feedback collection. It can identify a respondent’s age, gender, and mood. These terminals also allow feedback to be linked to specific staff members and include safeguards against duplicate voting. This integration of features ensures reliable, insightful customer feedback, essential for improving service and staff accountability.



Ensure that all feedback submitted through your rating terminals is valid and free from duplicate entries.


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Analytics on Any Device

InsightSofa is a versatile web-based application that runs on any device*, enhancing operational flexibility. It promptly sends alerts about customer interactions to any connected device, enabling quick responses and boosting customer satisfaction.

* Smart Watch app is coming later this year.
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How it works?

How OneTouch terminals Deliver Outstanding Results


Unlimited survey options

Despite our recommendation to keep surveys as brief as possible for respondents, InsightSofa OneTouch does not restrict you in any way when it comes to survey design. You can create your own survey from a wide range of question types. At the end of the survey, you have the option to collect contact information from respondents, allowing you to address their concerns directly.


The Next-Era Decision Making

Real-time InsightSofa feedback empowers managers with immediate insights into customer experiences, enabling swift and informed decision-making. This facilitates quick adjustments to services or products, enhancing customer satisfaction and understanding market trends. This is guiding strategic decisions that improve business performance and competitiveness.

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Setup. So easy.

The InsightSofa OneTouch feedback terminal is a user-friendly solution that simplifies gathering customer insights. Its quick setup and intuitive prompts allow for immediate deployment and feedback collection, providing businesses with actionable data to enhance customer satisfaction. Ideal for high-traffic areas, it requires minimal maintenance.

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