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One-off Surveys

Instant Feedback

Get quick and effective feedback without the hassle of complicated integration

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Experience as a Service

Comprehensive Customer and Employee Insights. Let us handle the entire measurement and analysis process for you. With any combination of modules you need. All-inclusive solution.

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InsightSofa Enterprise™

Automatic Surveys

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InsightSofa WebSight™

Website Surveys

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InsightSofa OneTouch™

Feedback Terminals

and Get Expert Results

Our CX and EX specialists craft comprehensive surveys and feedback mechanisms, ensuring excellence in results. This guarantees a thorough overview of both customer and employee experiences. You’ll receive a detailed Experience PDF or gain access to analytics apps for interactive data exploration.

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Key Advantages

Why Opt for Experience as a Service?

Crafted by CX and EX experts

Crafted by CX and EX experts

InsightSofa Now delivers expertly-crafted solutions by CX and EX specialists, guaranteeing tailored insights that drive customer and employee satisfaction for our clients.

Quick and Effective

Quick and Effective

InsightSofa Now ensures swift and efficient feedback processes, typically delivering results within 14 days. This rapid turnaround benefits our clients by providing timely insights into customer and employee experiences. By quickly identifying areas for improvement, our clients can promptly implement changes to enhance satisfaction and drive business success.

All Modules and Features Available

All Modules and Features Available

InsightSofa Now offers the flexibility to utilize all InsightSofa modules, including premium options, tailored to our clients’ specific needs. This comprehensive access empowers our clients to harness the full range of tools and features, maximizing their ability to gather insights and drive improvements in customer and employee experiences.

No Integration Needed

No Integration Needed

InsightSofa Now eliminates the need for integration as it operates as a one-off survey. Many of our clients conduct these surveys annually or biannually, making it a hassle-free solution. This streamlined approach saves time and resources, allowing our clients to focus on leveraging the valuable insights gained to enhance their customer and employee experiences.

Reasonable Price

Reasonable Price

InsightSofa Now offers the entire service at a reasonable price point. With our expertise, we handle the setup and optimize the process for optimal results. This means significant cost savings for our clients, allowing them to achieve their goals without breaking the bank.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

InsightSofa Now leverage AI throughout the app to enhance your understanding of customers. This AI analyzes feedback to pinpoint and prioritize issues, offering targeted recommendations for improvement. This integration transforms complex customer data into actionable insights, streamlining the process of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Top Pick for Employee Experience

InsightSofa Now is the go-to solution for employee experience, offering expertize, comprehensive insights, and cost-effective solutions. With customizable options tailored to each organization’s needs, InsightSofa Now enhances satisfaction, productivity, and retention effortlessly. Elevate your employee experience with InsightSofa Now.

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Perfect for One-time Events

Be it a corporate gathering, sports event, festival, or any occasion, InsightSofa Now delivers comprehensive insights to enhance your future events.


Dedicated Project Manager

InsightSofa now offers a dedicated project manager for every client, ensuring a personalized and consistent service from start to finish. This manager will understand your specific needs deeply, enabling them to tailor your surveys precisely to your business requirements, ensuring every detail is perfectly aligned with your objectives.

Together. We win.


If you need to know it. Now.

InsightSofa Now: Instant Insights for Immediate Action.

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Interpersonal Connections

As CX and EX professionals and partners, we deliver added value to our clients. Our commitment to excellence fosters mutual appreciation—we love our clients, and they love us.

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