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Universal Dashboard – The flexibility you’ve been asking for

We all know how important it is to have all the data to manage the business according to the customer experience in one place. Clear and understandable. Today we are proud to introduce the brand new Universal Dashboard feature. With this dashboard you can design your reports exactly the way you want. It doesn't matter whether you want to display customer data collected from terminals, emails, SMS, QR codes or your website. You put them neatly next to each other, in the order and design that suits you best. Universal dashboard is the next step in our long-term mission. And to provide the clearest views of the customer experience for quality business management through the eyes of customers. #InsightSofa #CustomerExperience #LeadingPlatform


Get a quick overview of your organization's performance as soon as you log in to InsightSofa. The dashboard can be fully customized for the entire organization or for different departments, for example. It includes interactive reports showing real-time data, recent comments or tips to improve your customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Clearly, concisely and succinctly? Here are 3 reasons why InsightSofa is the right choice for your company:

Objective and consistent data: InsightSofa allows you to collect customer feedback and data in a consistent manner. This minimizes bias caused by human subjectivity in manual data collection. Objective and consistent data is essential to properly evaluate and compare customer experiences at different levels.   Rapid Response and Improvement: InsightSofa enables companies to quickly identify problems and areas for improvement. By automatically analyzing customer data, you can respond quickly to identified deficiencies and take effective action. This increases the company's ability to respond to customer needs and provide a better customer experience.   Strategic decision making: InsightSofa provides companies with deeper insights into customer preferences, needs, and behaviors. This information is valuable for strategic decision-making, such as planning marketing campaigns, product development, and other long-term strategies. By analyzing customer experience data, companies can better understand their target audience and tailor promotions and offers accordingly.   Contact us and we'll be happy to explain how InsightSofa can help you.

Trend reports of any survey questions

Trend reports for any survey question InsightSofa allows you to create any survey structure with different questions. Of course, there are detailed reports for the results of each question by all sorts of segments, and now you can also track the trend of all these questions and answers over time. This gives you a better idea of what is happening with the survey results and which of the answers are trending in which direction. And just like you've come to expect from InsightSofa. With one click, you can clearly see what's right, what's wrong, and where to start fixing it. Key benefits of trend charts: Visual presentation of data: Trend charts provide a visual representation of trends and changes in the customer experience, allowing you to better understand the evolution of customer behavior and preferences. Identify key touch points: Trend charts allow you to identify the key touch points where customers most often encounter problems or barriers. This allows you to improve specific aspects of the customer experience and provide better service. Compare performance: Trend charts allow you to compare customer experience performance over time. This allows you to identify improvements or declines and take action based on long-term trends. Find out how InsightSofa can help you become a happier, more profitable customer. Contact us, we'd be happy to show you.

Choose from all major Customer Experience survey methodologies

InsightSofa now offers the ability to use all major customer experience measurement methodologies to collect feedback. Whether you want to gain and in-depth understanding of satisfaction, loyalty, or the simplicity (ease) of your service, InsightSofa will provide easy-to-understand reports to improve your organization. In online surveys, in terminals and in web surveys. NPS (Net Promoter Score) - satisfaction and loyalty CES (Customer Effort Score) - efforts made CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) - meeting expectations Find out how InsightSofa can help you. Get in touch and let's schedule a detailed performance.

InsightSofa OneTouch touchless kiosk filling

Filling out surveys at terminals and kiosks in your locations is now even easier. If a customer (or employee) wants to fill out a survey without touching, all he/she has to do is point his/her mobile phone at the terminal and the survey will be launched directly on his/her phone. Improved protection against multiple voting Added additional control against multiple voting in InsightSofa OneTouch.

Automatic labeling of surveys

Working well with customers means order. Automatic survey labelling allows you to put surveys into ready-made "boxes" and then work and evaluate them much more clearly. You can label surveys automatically, according to predefined rules.