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How can InsightSofa help your business?

Working with CX can be a complex process. But it doesn’t have to be! Fill in the form below and our CX specialist will advise you on how to get started quickly and correctly.

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An All-encompassing Customer Experience Management Tool.

Group 1003

Transform Strengths into Strategy. Turn Weaknesses into Opportunities.

Analytical insights on products, services, regions, or sales representatives.

Decipher the voice of your customers and turn them into actionable CRM strategies.

Amplified feedback drives motivation, refining overall performance.

Make decisions rooted in real-time data, boosting your customer relationship management strategy.

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Seamless Integration. Automated Excellence.

End-to-end automated feedback collection, evaluation, and reporting.

Proactive alerts for crucial scenarios demanding your focus.

Your Virtual AI Guide, ISI, designed to optimize the customer experience.

Intuitive data synchronicity with external systems, ensuring your CRM remains updated.

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Why are Industry Titans Choosing InsightSofa?

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Karel Bechník

Head of Digital Products


Leader in C2C transportation services, Middle Europe

We appreciate the high flexibility and willingness of the whole team. When something is agreed, it’s done. We appreciate the service, where proactive and timely control prevents “problems” that could occur due to the excessive amount of data. It is a pleasure to work with you.
jan preclik circle

Jan Preclík

Group Marketing Manager

Aures Holdings / AAA Auto

Leader in car sales, Middle Europe

Thanks to a very good cooperation with the InsightSofa team we had the implementation ready. We are constantly collaborating on new functionalities, often tailored to our needs. The tool allows us to work very efficiently with our clients’ feedback across all of our nearly 50 branches and divisions.
karyn ref

Martin Kárný

CX specialist


Leader in e-commerce, Middle Europe

Thanks to InsightSofa, we have a perfect overview of how our customers rate our services. What we must highlight is the maximum possible degree of flexibility. They have been able to adapt the application to our requirements to the maximum, which have always been implemented with great care.
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Ready to Elevate Your Customer Experience?

Join us, and let our CX specialist guide you through a transformative journey, ensuring every customer service experience stands out!
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You’d rather find everything yourself?

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Implementing Excellence, One Client at a Time.

Leverage InsightSofa’s comprehensive suite, backed by over 11 years of customer experience platform mastery.
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