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InsightSofa OneTouch

InsightSofa OneTouch terminals monitor their availability

InsightSofa OneTouch offers the ability to collect feedback from customers directly at the point of purchase or use of the service. Reliability and availability of all terminals is a priority in this feedback collection. This is why InsightSofa constantly monitors whether the terminals are connected to the power grid, the Internet, etc. Should any of the terminals become disconnected or experience any failure, InsightSofa will immediately report this to, for example, the manager.

New stand design

Introducing the latest addition - the Satisfaction Terminal with an improved, aesthetically pleasing design and now with an even larger display. Its strong and stable legs ensure that the terminal stays firmly in place even in the busiest of spaces. The enlarged display provides a better visual experience and makes it easier to read the text, which is crucial for comfortable questionnaire completion and interaction with the terminal. The tilt of the monitor has been carefully designed to allow comfortable filling. In addition, this terminal is equipped with identity scanning technology, which enhances security and provides a personalized experience for each user. Plus, the terminal can be fully branded and produced in the colour that best matches your brand or the design of your space. The InsightSofa OneTouch terminal is not only functional, but also an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly addition to any environment that increases the satisfaction and engagement of your customers and employees. Get yours and start improving your customer experience as soon as possible.   #CX #CustomerExperience #InsightSofa #OneTouch #EmployeeExperience #Future

Artificial intelligence in InsightSofa: Why measure sentiment?

Measuring sentiment of comments using AI is key to understanding the true attitudes and opinions of customers. This process allows you to identify not only what customers are saying, but also how they feel about your products or services. Sentiment analysis provides deeper insight into customer emotions, which can be positive, negative, or neutral. In this way, you can identify and solve problems more effectively, improve your products and services, and better understand your customers' needs and wants. Plus, by using this analysis you can create more targeted and effective marketing strategies, leading to better customer engagement and strengthening your brand. Try AI in InsightSofa right now. Get back to us.

InsightSofa OneTouch™ Swift

Introducing the new InsightSofa service - OneTouch™ Swift. Monthly terminal rentals provide a one-time and very quick way to determine the satisfaction and experience of your customers and employees at your locations. A very quick and cost-effective way to get started with measurement.

New terminal design

We have been working hard and we have news for you! We have redesigned all our terminals. It's new, modern and we like it! But more importantly, your employees and customers will love it. See for yourself. 🙂

Distribution report from InsightSofa OneTouch satisfaction kiosks

The distribution report gives you a real-time, detailed overview of your customers' satisfaction at different times of the day. At first glance, it is obvious in which hours satisfaction is highest or lowest. After identifying the weakest points, you will get to the specific cause of the problem. Find out what customers complain about most and how to improve it.

InsightSofa OneTouch touchless kiosk filling

Filling out surveys at terminals and kiosks in your locations is now even easier. If a customer (or employee) wants to fill out a survey without touching, all he/she has to do is point his/her mobile phone at the terminal and the survey will be launched directly on his/her phone. Improved protection against multiple voting Added additional control against multiple voting in InsightSofa OneTouch.

InsightSofa App Update (April 2022)

Online polling module – InsightSofa Enterprise Customize the display of columns in the answer list You now have the option to choose which columns will be displayed in the answer list. This allows you to tailor the main report to the exact needs of your organization. You can not only choose which columns are displayed, but also their order. Changes can be made for a user group – i.e. for all users in a given user group the option will be applied. L1/L2 report The option to display the L1/L2 report as a numeric table has been added. It is now possible to interactively click through individual values in the table. You will then see a relevant listing of respondents. A new and fast way to view data statistics In Processes/Automated Sending, you can now view summary information about individual mailings. You will find detailed data on how many customers were imported, how many surveys were sent, or how many responded. Defending against spam filters Some email providers check emails before delivery by having robots visit links in the emails. We have implemented a feature that prevents these bots from “spoofing” votes. Added full-text search option in retention It is now possible to do full-text searches in all retention cases. Exporting answers for InsightSofa Enterprise module The quota for exporting completed surveys to Excel has been increased. From the original 5 000 to 50 000 surveys in one file. Respondent card optimization The respondent card has been optimized and now loads much faster. Optimization of reports In some accounts, the order of columns in the reports may have changed after applying the filter. This error has been corrected and the columns appear in the same order in any filter application. Optimizing the site for respondent removal The site has been optimized for respondent removal. Now, even for accounts with large amounts of data, removal is fast. And many minor improvements and bug fixes.   Kiosk module – InsightSofa OneTouch Export of answers Now the complete data from the OneTouch module, including the NPS scores, is displayed in the Excel export of the responses. And many minor improvements and bug fixes.

InsightSofa App Update (March 2022)

Online polling module – InsightSofa Enterprise Easier work with retention In the retention settings, there is an option for what should happen automatically with retention cases. This will help you to set, for example, to automatically open a retention if a customer replies to your email. Or conversely, if you send an email to the customer, the case will automatically close. L1/L2 report improvements We have made improvements to the L1/L2 response report. You can now click through any number in the “Table” section to get to the heart of the problem (or benefit) your customers are suggesting to you. It’s the next step towards full interactivity in our reports. New look of InsightSofa Together with our new corporate identity, the design of the app has been improved and made clearer. The aim was to make the app more pleasant and easier to use. New InsightSofa website It’s not really related to InsightSofa, but we would be very happy if you would take a look at our brand new website and maybe let us know “How much would you recommend it to your colleagues and friends” And many minor improvements and bug fixes. Kiosk module – InsightSofa OneTouch Virtual AI assistant We have launched our very ambitious ISI virtual assistant project on several reports. ISI can use artificial intelligence to research your customers’ opinions and show you the most important data. It’s the next step towards enabling you to run your organisation more and more exactly as your customers want. ISI is currently in beta mode. And many minor improvements and bug fixes.

The new InsightSofa website is live

With this we would like to pay tribute to our previous websites that have served us for more than 7 years. They were there for us when we were getting our first big clients, when we were forming from a small group into the leading CX software supplier in the Czech Republic. Thank you and goodbye. Now let’s welcome the new website.