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InsightSofa App Update (April 2022)

Online polling module – InsightSofa Enterprise

Customize the display of columns in the answer list
You now have the option to choose which columns will be displayed in the answer list. This allows you to tailor the main report to the exact needs of your organization. You can not only choose which columns are displayed, but also their order. Changes can be made for a user group – i.e. for all users in a given user group the option will be applied.

L1/L2 report
The option to display the L1/L2 report as a numeric table has been added. It is now possible to interactively click through individual values in the table. You will then see a relevant listing of respondents.

A new and fast way to view data statistics
In Processes/Automated Sending, you can now view summary information about individual mailings. You will find detailed data on how many customers were imported, how many surveys were sent, or how many responded.

Defending against spam filters
Some email providers check emails before delivery by having robots visit links in the emails. We have implemented a feature that prevents these bots from “spoofing” votes.

Added full-text search option in retention
It is now possible to do full-text searches in all retention cases.

Exporting answers for InsightSofa Enterprise module
The quota for exporting completed surveys to Excel has been increased. From the original 5 000 to 50 000 surveys in one file.

Respondent card optimization
The respondent card has been optimized and now loads much faster.

Optimization of reports
In some accounts, the order of columns in the reports may have changed after applying the filter. This error has been corrected and the columns appear in the same order in any filter application.

Optimizing the site for respondent removal
The site has been optimized for respondent removal. Now, even for accounts with large amounts of data, removal is fast.

And many minor improvements and bug fixes.


Kiosk module – InsightSofa OneTouch

Export of answers
Now the complete data from the OneTouch module, including the NPS scores, is displayed in the Excel export of the responses.

And many minor improvements and bug fixes.