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How Satisfaction Terminals connect your business to the heart of your customers

In business, it’s no coincidence that a happy customer means a thriving business. To achieve this magical relationship, understanding, communication and action are needed. All of this is made possible by a unique combination of modern technology and human understanding of exactly what your customers need. This is where we can rely on InsightSofa, which not only gives us insight into the mind of the customer, but also direct contact with them. How’s that? With the help of satisfaction terminals.


Looks like you’re close – thanks for your feedback!

When customers are in your establishment, they want to feel heard. And that’s where terminals can help them. These modern devices are not just a beautiful piece of technology, but also a bridge between you and your customers. They offer them a unique chance to instantly communicate their feelings, opinions and comments. And thanks to the integration with InsightSofa, this information isn’t just left on post-it notes. They are immediately processed and converted into action steps for a better experience.


Making sure your customers feel heard and valued is the foundation of any successful business. Terminals enable this direct interaction. They are a way to listen not only to the loud voices of your customers, but also to the quieter ones.


InsightSofa makes feedback collection fast and efficient. This means that once you get feedback from your customers, you can act immediately. Solve problems, improve services and respond to their needs in real time.


Investing in InsightSofa satisfaction terminals is not just about technology. It’s an investment in improving the customer experience and the future of your business. With these tools, you can get closer to your customers, understand them and build long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction.