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Customer journey mapping

In this day and age, where competition has never been greater, it’s crucial that as an executive or business owner, you have clear leadership based on data and customer feedback. Customer experience and satisfaction becomes a key factor in determining the success of your company. But how to achieve this? One of the most important tools for understanding customer behaviour and needs is customer journey mapping.


Customer journey mapping is a process that helps companies better understand how customers interact with their products or services from start to finish. This process allows you to identify key touch points, emotions and needs throughout the customer journey. Why is this important? Because understanding these points allows companies to identify their strengths and weaknesses and then work to improve them.


InsightSofa, our innovative software solution, brings a revolutionary approach to customer journey mapping. With our advanced analytics tools and artificial intelligence, we can thoroughly analyze data from various feedback channels such as emails, SMS messages, or even on-site measurements.


One of the key features of our software is the ability to provide the most advanced AI-based reporting. These reports offer a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and enable companies to respond more effectively to their customers’ needs. With our platform, managers and business owners can make data-driven decisions and adjustments based on the actual customer experience.


Sample customer journey mapping with InsightSofa

To give you an idea of how such mapping works, let’s take a look at an example customer journey mapping for a fictional e-commerce store specializing in outdoor equipment called “OutdoorKing”.


Phase 1: Awareness

Channels: social media, Google search, recommendations

InsightSofa Analysis: finding that most customers learn about OutdoorKing through Instagram posts and YouTube reviews.

Action: increase investment in marketing campaigns on these platforms.

Phase 2: Consideration

Channels: websites, product reviews, online forums

InsightSofa Analysis: Identification that customers spend long periods of time on product review sites, but the conversion rate is not high.

Action: optimize review pages and improve site navigation.

Stage 3: Purchase

Channels: e-shop, telephone orders

InsightSofa Analysis: finding that the process of completing a purchase is too complex for some customers.

Action: simplify the order process and introduce chat support for immediate assistance.

Stage 4: Use

Channels: Customer support, online tutorials

InsightSofa Analysis: observation that new customers often seek information on how to best use the products they have purchased.

Action: create detailed video tutorials and make customer support more accessible.

Phase 5: Loyalty

Channels: email newsletters, loyalty programs

InsightSofa Analysis: finding that personalized product recommendation emails have high open and conversion rates.

Action: introduction of more personalised email campaigns and improvements to the loyalty programme.

Stage 6: Recommendations

Channels: social media, reference programs

InsightSofa Analysis: revealing that customers who engage in a referral program are 30% more loyal than those who don’t.

Action: expand and improve the referral program, including better rewards for referring new customers.

This example shows how InsightSofa can help OutdoorKing systematically walk through each phase of the customer journey, identify opportunities for improvement and implement specific actions leading to a better customer experience and higher satisfaction. Through continuous data collection and analysis, the company can continuously optimize its processes and offerings, leading to sustainable growth and competitiveness in the market.