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Trend reports of any survey questions

Trend reports for any survey question

InsightSofa allows you to create any survey structure with different questions. Of course, there are detailed reports for the results of each question by all sorts of segments, and now you can also track the trend of all these questions and answers over time. This gives you a better idea of what is happening with the survey results and which of the answers are trending in which direction. And just like you’ve come to expect from InsightSofa. With one click, you can clearly see what’s right, what’s wrong, and where to start fixing it.

Key benefits of trend charts:

  1. Visual presentation of data: Trend charts provide a visual representation of trends and changes in the customer experience, allowing you to better understand the evolution of customer behavior and preferences.
  2. Identify key touch points: Trend charts allow you to identify the key touch points where customers most often encounter problems or barriers. This allows you to improve specific aspects of the customer experience and provide better service.
  3. Compare performance: Trend charts allow you to compare customer experience performance over time. This allows you to identify improvements or declines and take action based on long-term trends.

Find out how InsightSofa can help you become a happier, more profitable customer. Contact us, we’d be happy to show you.