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InsightSofa App Update (May 2022)

Online polling module – InsightSofa Enterprise

New data filtering options
The option to filter by ranges has been added to the filters. So you can now look at the customer experience with even more precision than ever before.

Switching between graphical and spreadsheet report
Now when switching between graphical and speadsheet reports, the filters used are kept (remembered). So you can switch back and forth very comfortably.

Update mobile version of the app
The mobile app is again a bit clearer and graphically nicer.

Displaying the days of the week
Fixed a bug where some reports could show the week from Sunday to Saturday.

New SWOT report
As part of the monetization, we are launching a new customer experience “SWOT” report. The report plots the SWOT of your company (or a segment of your company), directly through the eyes of your customers. The SWOT report is visible to customers who have subscription monetization.

Application ROI Calculator
InsightSofa A new feature on that easily calculates the return on your investment in InsightSofa, based on given parameters. The calculation is based on a UK study by the London School of Economics.

+ minor modifications and improvements to the application


Coming soon…

Monetization of the NPS
Start beta testing of customer experience according to NPS Monetisation. NPS Monetisation is very briefly about plotting customer experience using creditworthiness and customer value. It helps companies focus on the areas that matter most to the company’s operations.

Keyword Analysis Report
A report analyzing the occurrence of certain words and sentiment in open comments. Easily find out what the key points your customers are addressing without having to read hundreds or thousands of comments.