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InsightSofa App Update (June 2022)

New branch in Slovakia
We have opened a new branch in Bratislava for all our Slovak customers. Support is now available to Slovak customers in Slovak and overall communication on the Slovak market should be considerably strengthened by this step. Visit us at Záhradnická 72, Bratislava, or call us on +421 915 090 750.

A new version of the WIKI module has been added to InsightSofa. This module is used for knowledge sharing between all InsightSofa users. This module is used for knowledge sharing between all InsightSofa users. You can easily create new sections and add to them any topics you want your users to have at hand at any time. The module can be activated by your account administrator in the user group settings.

Opening only specific retention cases
In the rules for opening retention cases (dissatisfied customers) it is now possible to set a condition that only cases are opened where the respondent has marked a specific L1 question in the survey. Opening (and especially correctly assigning) retention cases is now even more accurate.

Ability to resolve (or delegate) multiple retention cases at once
It is now much easier to mass delegate or deal with retention cases. On the retention page, simply mark all the cases you want to change and make the change.

Translations for multilingual companies
For companies that have user accounts in multiple languages, reading data is now more convenient. In addition to the entire application, all custom fields entered by users can now be translated. Reading data for foreign colleagues is now even easier.

Improved data display
There has been an improvement in data fitlration across InsightSofa. You can now set the data type field and use this to better filter customer experience results.

SWOT report
We have created a brand new report called SWOT for customers using monetization. It is a classic SWOT drawn by the customers themselves. This SWOT can be plotted for the whole company, but it will start to gain strength if you start plotting it for individual segments, product groups, responsible persons, regions, etc. Contact us for more information. It’s worth it 🙂

+ Many other small improvements that make working with InsightSofa more pleasant and faster.