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InsightSofa App Update (August 2022)

Measurement of email open rates
As an additional help for optimizing surveys, we have added email open rate measurement. Use this feature if you want to see where the weak links in your surveys are – where the most respondents are dropping off. You can then improve accordingly.


Possibility to insert variables into other fields
Now you can insert dynamic variables (such as name, product, and other items) not only in the body of the email, but also in the subject line, in the survey itself, and other places.


Ability to log in as selected users
Administrators can now log in as the selected user with a single mouse click. This makes it easier to set up individual user accounts and check that the correct data is visible.


Bulk retention case management
The ability to bulk manage retention cases has been added. If you want to close (or open, change the status, or delegate) retention cases all at once, you will now find it much easier to do so.


Monetization of the NPS
We got out of beta testing of NPS Monetization. If you want to drive customer experience not only by the most frequently tagged values, but also by the value of your customers, get in touch for a quote on the Monetization NPS module.


Option to show only selected Level 1 / Level 2 questions depending on the respondent’s rating
You can now select only specific Level 1 and Level 2 questions to be shown to the respondent, depending on whether they are a supporter, passive or critic.


Option to upload multiple attachments at once
The ability to add multiple attachments at once has been added to the WIKI and Internal Retention modules.



What can you look forward to soon?

Sophisticated goals module
In order to comfortably run your organization according to customer experience, you need to set goals for your employees. In the new Goals module, you will be able to set goals not only for specific employees, but also for departments, product groups, etc.

Touchless filling of InsightSofa OneTouch terminals
Leave it up to the customers whether they want to leave their feedback directly in the store using our terminals or choose to complete the survey completely contactlessly.


QR code surveys on product packaging
Especially for manufacturing companies, we have prepared the possibility to add a QR code on the packaging of their products and thus allow people to vote who do not have direct access to the company. Reporting and data display is the same as in our Enterprise module.