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Smooth implementation

Over 11 years of experience implementing measurement
and working with customer experience.

Easier than you think.
We can do it online.

Truly dedicated project
manager. From start to finish

Proper implementation of InsightSofa in a business requires an understanding of your organization’s processes and established goals. A dedicated project manager will oversee all meetings during the implementation to ensure a seamless transition. Feel free to contact them at any time with any current needs.

A well-defined process
saves time for both parties.

We have implemented solutions for small businesses as well as multinational corporations operating in over 20 countries. Our plans are tailored to accommodate the specific needs of companies, regardless of their size or complexity.

Initial consultation, familiarization and analysis of the current state of affairs

Definition of objectives and project plan

Setting up a structure of inquiry, trigger points and touch points

Creation of text and graphic design of the solution

Implementation of the solution, interfacing with external systems

Test version, testing and commenting

Training on how to work with the system and customer experience

Launch of the live solution

We minimize all of the start-up pain.
We’ve already experienced it.

Introducing a customer-focused approach to your business can be a challenging endeavor, fraught with potential obstacles. Count on us to help you navigate these challenges. With our extensive experience, we have encountered and overcome numerous obstacles, and we will ensure that you do not face them.

We will deliver the turnkey implementation
with minimal interaction required.

From the initial meeting to ensuring the correct pathway and collaborating with the customer experience, we are available to assist you.
We thoroughly enjoy being of service.

Ready? Choose the appropriate tool.